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Gheorghita Ghinea

Ph.D. Computer Science

Professor II

Kristiania University College, Department of Technology

Professor dr. Gheorghita (George) Ghinea is a Professor of Mulsemedia Computing in the Department of Computer Science at Brunel University. Prof. Ghinea heads the Interactive Multimedia Systems Group at Brunel, boasting strong research ambitions and a track record of innovative solutions as well as a hands-on approach where the developed solutions are validated with real systems.  He has over 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and has consulted for both the public and private sector in his areas of expertise. Prof. Ghinea plays an active part on the international academic scene, being regularly invited to edit journal special issues and to be a programme committee member of leading conferences worldwide.


Research interests

  • Mulsemedia

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Multi-modal interaction

  • Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing


An empirical investigation of performance overhead in cross-platform mobile development frameworks

Andreas Biørn-Hansen, Christoph Rieger, Tor-Morten Grønli, Tim A. Majchrzak, and Gheorghita Ghinea

Springer Empirical Software Engineering

An Empirical Study of Cross-Platform Mobile Development in Industry

Andreas Biørn-Hansen, Tor-Morten Grønli, Gheorghita Ghinea, and Sahel Alouneh

Hindawi Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

A Survey and Taxonomy of Core Concepts and Research Challenges in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Andreas Biørn-Hansen, Tor-Morten Grønli, Gheorghita Ghinea

ACM Computing Surveys

Usability of Composing REST Services on Smartphones

Gebremariam Assres, Tor-Morten Grønli, Gheorghita Ghinea and Muhammad Younas

Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA), 2017 IEEE 31st International Conference on (pp. 476-483). IEEE.

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