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Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen

Ph.D. Fellow Information Systems

Researcher at Department of Technology

Kristiania University College, Department of Technology


Kjeld researches the interplay between social media, mobile computing and information management in relation to public health and cities.

Research interests

  • Social Media

  • Mobile Computing

  • Information Management

  • Public Health

Publications w/ MOTEL

Unveiling the Data Shadow: A Scalable Software Architecture for Public Health and Electronically Assessed Data (PHEAD)

Tor-Morten Grønli, Andreas Biørn-Hansen, Siri Fagernes, Ragnhild Eg, Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen, Per Morten Fredriksen

NIK: Norsk Informatikkonferanse

Using social media effectively for your organisation

Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen

European Lung Foundation Patient Organisation Networking Day 2016

Big Social Data Analytics for Public Health: Facebook Engagement and Performance

Nadiya Straton, Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen, Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Abid Hussain, Tor-Morten Grønli, Henning Langberg, Ravi Kiran Vatrapu

2016 IEEE 18th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom),

Big Social Data in Public Health: A Mixed-methods Case Study of's Facebook Strategy, Engagement, and Performance

Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen, Raghava Mukkamala, Abid Hussain, Tor-Morten Grønli, Henning Langberg, Ravi Kiran Vatrapu

Procedia Computer Science

Towards an Understanding of Shared Personal Informatics

Kjeld Steenbjerg Hansen, Tor-Morten Grønli


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