Master Projects

Here are some Master thesis project ideas at our lab for students doing a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction or Applied Computer Science at Høyskolen Kristiania.



  • How can Pepper be used as a tool to support in class learning activities?

  • How can Peppers core functionality / sensors be expanded and exploited in a better way?

Music Festival

City data analysis and presentation

  • Analysis, interpretation and visualization of event data

  • Data provided by Øya festival, Telia and Oslo municipality

  • Apply statistical methods, machine learning and visualization techniques to provide insights to create better services for the city of Oslo and cultural events


Artifical Intelligence and Automated Ticketing

The overall goal of the research project is to enable automated ticketing (Be-In, Be-Out) and new business models within the area of public transport, and to improve trip flow modelling and behavior analysis for the mobility industry. The overall goal is a friction free, safe and fair travel experience that stimulate for increased use of environmentally friendly transport.


All of this is possible through the use of unique technology. With sensors in people’s mobile phones and other data sources, one can determine the mobile phone’s position with very high accuracy. The mobility players will have the foundation for automatic ticketing and get more insights to further optimizing the service through the use of this platform.


For travelers, this will be a “ticket free” experience that also provide a fairer pricing, with added positive benefits to the environment. The potential for this new technology is global.


Designing Conversational UIs

  • User Experience and usability

  • Design Principles

  • Cognitive load

  • Observations / measurements of users interacting with a CUI

  • Interviews of users learning about their preferences

smart watch.png

Persuasive design

  • Digital nudging

  • How can we influence people to modify their behaviour in a positive way? 

Disability Access

Universal design and accessibility

  • Multi-modal interfaces for people with impairments

  • Accessibility of conversational user interfaces

  • Conversational interfaces for people with cognitive impairments